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Leasing Office Space

Looking for office space

Tenant representation services can assist in all aspects of finding and leasing office or commercial space.

Tenant representation can ensure that you find the right property and the right market for your business. Brokers have an intimate knowledge of the commercial market. A broker not only has access to market data, but they also have working relationships with many commercial owners and landlords.

Depending on the circumstance, a commercial lease can become quite complex. Tenant representation services can oversee and advise on lease structure and terms to make sure tenants aren't over-paying.

Tenant Representation Services

There are a number of services offered through tenant representation. In addition to finding available office space and providing market insight, a tenant rep can also negotiate the structure and terms of your lease.

Typically, tenant representation fees are paid by the landlord, so there is no cost to the tenant. In most cases, commissions that account for tenant representation services are built into the lease.

Looking for Office Space?

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