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Site Selection for Retail & Restaurant

Leverage our expertise short term to find the right long term location for your business.

Our feasibility reports are invaluable to:

  • Franchisers needing to develop site selection standards for their franchisees.Restaurant Franchises
  • Existing retailers looking to improve the location of their business.
  • Start-up retailers looking for the best place to maximize profits.
  • Restaurant owners who need to know what area will guarantee a healthy customer base.

ROI Commercial Property Brokerage provides the following analytical services to ensure you make the right business location selection:

  • Demographics
  • Analysis (Parking, Ingress-Egress, Traffic, Drive Time from Customers)
  • Franchiser Modeling
  • Feasibility
  • Targeted Location Recommendations (Customized to your Specific Client Profile Inside of MSA/City)

The benefits of our Market Surveys:

  • They can mean the difference between success and failure of the business.
  • You receive expert reporting and advice on the local area from experienced Commercial Real Estate agents in the Tampa Bay Area.
  • Your survey can give you a strong competitive advantage.
  • You are able to make your location decision based on customer purchasing trends and hard facts, rather than on 'instinct'.
  • We will inform you of the best properties for your business, allowing you to immediately rule out certain locations; saving you time.
  • You cut out costly full time real estate support.
  • You are assured piece of mind, safe in the knowledge you have found the perfect property for your business.
  • We can act as your in-house real estate department without the fixed overhead.

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