I would like to thank Eric Odum for helping to make a difference in my small business. When it was time to renegotiate my lease, I told my landlord of my dilemma and it fell to deaf ears. needless to say, I kept losing money.

My rent was astronomically high compared to the other tenants who had come into the mall. Again I mentioned to my landlord a couple of the incidents of the other tenants paying less than I was; reminded him that I had been there longer than any of them and asked again if he could work with me on lowering my rent. Again he wouldn't.

Finally, I contacted Eric. He researched the property which I was renting and what other landlords were charging in my area. Eric found that I was being charged an outrageously high price as a tenant. He renegotiated my lease and saved my business.I am thankful for his time, knowledge, expertise and kindness.Thanks to him I will be able to keep my small business moving forward; keeping jobs for my employees and continue to serve the community.

Dee Clarke

I just wanted to write and say thank you for all your hard work in finding the perfect location for the new office. You took the time to learn about my business, how it operates, and what kind of office space I was looking for. After finding the space in the location we were hoping for, you negotiated a great lease and kept taps with the office management to make sure the build out was going smoothly. It just doesn't get done any better than that.

Tom Gordin
Tagwear, Inc.

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